Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Midweek Musical Mental Moment

Blog Update:

Upgrading the human operating system and will resume regular posting shortly. 

Upcoming blog posts will include: entries in the series on technology in Latin America focusing on Brazil and Mexico; entries in the series on critical techno-cultural competency; and blog posts on 3D printing, Google Glass project, and survey topics in transhumanism. 

Stay tuned. 

Until then, here is a midweek musical mental moment. 

Three songs that have interesting (re: ridiculous) stylistic and temporal relationships. 

Band of Horses: "Dilly"

This is an upbeat pop track with a cool late 1970s early 1980s sheen, reminiscent, for some odd reason, to television shows and early BIlly Joel tracks of the same period (here they are one-and-the-same).

The high point of "Dilly" is a perfect pop chorus: 

"It really took a tall one to see it
Two to believe it
Three to just get in the way"

The pop guitars and staccato piano accents on "Dilly" harken back to two classic television series theme songs from the early 1980s: Greatest American Hero ("Believe It or Not") and Bosom Buddies ("My Life"). 

Greatest American Hero: A teacher becomes a superhero using a special alien space suit that contains powers he can barely understand or control (enter laugh track). He is aided by a government agent and his lawyer girlfriend. Right wrongs, control the suit, & find love.  

Bosom Buddies: Two ad-creative types feel the rent-crunch of the big city (even then, "the rent was too damn high!"), so these two jovial rogues cross-dress in order to live in an all-female apartment complex...hilarity ensues...ah...the kinder gentler days of Reaganomics.

Greatest American Hero: "Believe It or Not" 

Bosom Buddies: "My Life"

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