Friday, November 1, 2013

In the Cut: Brenton Wood, Dr. Dog, & Phyllis Dillon

There is something fantastic about 1960s laid-back soul.  A hybrid sound that found a home in Los Angeles and Philly in particular. Not surprisingly, locales positioned at the epicenter of social change during the 1960s. 

On their recent release, B-Room, Dr. Dog’s opening track, Truth, offers a lovely homage to this sub-genre of soul.  And I can’t get enough of this track or the genre. Atmospheric effects lay a canvas for the lovely forlorn vocal phrasing. The strings give the melody an ethereal counterpoint. Dreaming. Cruising. 

 (Video Source: AntiRecords)

Brenton Wood’s work helps put this track in perspective.  Check out his discography here. Find his bio here.

(Video source: uklangang)

This style of music gets a lovely hybridized make-over with Phyllis Dillon, and the Jamaican roots-rock-soul genre.  Check out her discography here. Find her bio here.

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