Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Music Break: The Zolas go to Mars, Unknown Mortal Orchestra courts trouble, Local Natives croon, & Youth Lagoon melp

Peeking out from the stack of papers and articles. Some music to soothe the savage mind. 

The Zolas "Ancient Mars"

Based in VancouverBritish Columbia (so much good music from Canada), The Zolas includes duo Zachary Gray (vocals/guitar) and Tom Dobrzanski (piano) with various musicians in support roles. Find The Zolas on Light Organ Records. The band self-styles as piano-prog-pop. Lots to like here. 
Band Stuff

Unknown Mortal Orchestra "So Good at Being in Trouble"

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This band has a super fresh sound, reminiscent of 1960s pop meets indie meets Prince. Lovely little R&B vocal lines overlay well with the stripped-down beats. There is a great simplicity to the song writing here that extends past the obvious.

So the legend goes..."Singer and guitarist Ruban Nielson released the track "Ffunny Ffrends" on his Bandcamp profile in the spring of 2010. It was paired with no further information, notably no mention of who created it. Soon, popular bloggers got ahold of the track. Through their reposting and relentless attempts to hunt down the creator, Nielson finally claimed the track as Unknown Mortal Orchestra's." (Wiki, 2013)

(Video Source: Jagjaguwar)

Local Natives."Wide Eyes"

Straight from Silverlake, the city competing with Williamsburg for hipster capital of the US, this band layers three-part harmonies with afropop grooves over folk-indie guitars.  

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(Video Source: NPRMusic.)

Youth Lagoon "Dropla"

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Super-melpy 1960s prog-pop put through a wurlitzer reminiscent of Tame Impala. "Trevor Powers, whose stage name is Youth Lagoon, began writing his debut album, The Year of Hibernation in 2010. Based around the idea of psychological dysphoria, Powers tried to document the trails of his mind through songs of minimalism and hypnotic ambiance." (Fat Possum, 2013).

(Video Source: Skipper.)

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