Friday, April 20, 2012

Seeing the Future Through Google Glasses

There has been lots of talk about Google Glasses in the internet blogosphere. WebProNews has posted a fun infographic outlining the basics. Enjoyable as spoofs maybe, a more productive action may be to project into the future the transformative possibilities technologies such as Google Glasses may have on a wide range of fields.

Consider this case scenario:

Paramedics wearing advanced Google Glasses would be able to gather real-time data on accidents scenes including patient vitals. That information would flow to mobile services in the ambulance that will be sent real-time to emergency room hospitals, allowing ER practioners to access all patient data ahead of entry in to the ER. End result: Immediate care and diagnosis. No downtime. Reduced ER costs. And importantly, reduced cost for the patient as care is streamlined.

Healthcare not your cup of tea:

Imagine how Google Glasses may impact the way we watch movies, view art, and see music visually.

Outside the mundane activities of regular life, smart glasses have the potential to revolutionize a variety of professional disciplines.

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